How to build

Clone and build Lakka-LibreELEC :

cd Lakka-LibreELEC
PROJECT=Switch DEVICE=L4T ARCH=aarch64 make image

You can use DEVICE=mainline to use the mainline kernel instead of L4T (deprecated). Mainline supports arm (armv7) and aarch64 architectures. L4T only supports aarch64.

You will need arm-linux-gnueabi and aarch64-linux-gnu toolchains. Linaro have working toolchains.

The first build can take between four and eight hours depending on your internet and computer speed. Be prepared.

Somewhere during the build process process, a script will download and extract tegra_mtc.bin for you, directly from Google’s servers (credits goes to vgmoose for that).

The output kernel, system image and release tarball will be placed in the target directory.